As we look forward into the next three weeks of Mercury Retrograde, let me just relate some good information about the POSITIVE and BENEFICIAL aspects of a Mercury Retrograde. I am not trying to paste a smile on and be Pollyanna about the little stinker in his stinky phase, there truly is good stuff here.

First, it is a time of re-visiting. Re-visiting issues you thought you had dealt with. At first this can seem irritating and annoying, but, you must realize that the Universe is bringing this issue back into your focus NOT because you haven’t dealt with it well, but because you HAVE, and now are ready to deal with it at a new level. You are being asked to deal with the issue and gain GREATER wisdom, in a deeper (or higher) layer, which will be of great benefit to you, and even perhaps to others.

Second, it can literally be a time of re-visiting. You may have the urge to call or see someone you haven’t in a long while. Or vice-versa. Your doorbell or phone may ring and when you answer it – surprise! It is someone you haven’t been with in ages, and they are coming back into your life. Could be a very happy thing. Or you could suddenly hear a song you haven’t heard in ages which brings time swooshing backward to something or someone significant to you. Same goes for picking up the book you haven’t had a chance to finish, and finally being able to get to the satisfying end.

Third, you can get some pretty nifty second chances in a Mercury Retrograde. Second chances with a person, second chances with a job, second chances with opportunity knocking, second chances with your health. Keep your heart and eyes open to all of that as a possibility.

Fourth, you can get a chance to see karma in all its glory. Either in someone else’s life who is close to you, or yours. And it’s usually yours. So all those seemingly thankless and anonymous acts of kindness you have been randomly practicing from time to time? Ding-dong – it’s kindness calling! Being returned to you! Acts of compassion, love, generosity which you have put out there from your loving heart – they may very well surprise you with a wave of return. You might feel vindicated, as well. Some injustice done to you in the past might be made up to you, or acknowledged by the one who commited that injustice, apologies made.

Fifth, this is a time with the perfect energies to help you FINISH SOMETHING: A project you have been dawdling with, a book you have been meaning to get to the end of, that essay or book you’ve been writing off and on, clean out that closet or the garage, get it off your To Do list if it’s been hanging around!

Sixth, this is a time in the next three weeks that is ripe for re-creation. Re-considering and taking stock of your life is a perfect activity for, and just charged with the energies of, this time. Where do you want to go from here? What’s your next step toward making your life be how you really want it to be? Forming those plans – great time to do that. Also, have you been dying for a massage? An acupuncture session? Reiki? Do it all! Mercury Retrograde is a great time for inner and outer healing. Take a quiet walk through the trees or on the beach – go within. Really good stuff.

So, while we’ve all experienced the thorns of Mercury’s retrograde period, there are roses blooming there,too. Smell the roses.   Mercury halfpenny



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